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Climate change is really affecting the world. It's snowing in deserts that are supposed to hot, and it's not snowing where it's supposed to be very cold. Not only are many places suffering a warm holiday season, but in many places it's way warmer than it should be. For example, the polar ice cap is melting. And if it melts, whole islands could sink. Also the warm weather is causing fruit trees to bloom, meaning they won't bloom in spring, making the food supply complicated. Also, the bears are probably very confused, because usually during this time of year they are hibernating because of cold weather, but since it's not cold, they probably are scared because they stuffed themselves with food for the hibernating seasons, but the hibernating seasons didn't come. I hope you want to support this cause because it's much, much larger than winter holidays without snow.

Here's a picture of a melting ice cap.

Why climate change can be bad:

By: Maya Battistella (age:12)

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